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paprikaSTUDIOS News!

11/6/2016: Getting ready for NC Comicon this upcoming weekend, we managed to finish up a few new designs and do a reorder on the t-shirts. After NC Comicon, we'll be heading to Big Fandom Greenville and Yama-con and that will probably be the end of our 2016 conventions (unless something changes). We will be doing a Christmas special on the Storenvy site so keep an eye out for those!

6/30/2016: We are getting ready for our July/August conventions at the moment, prepping stock and continuing to update the Storenvy site! Thank you to those who've already placed orders with us as we really appreciate it! Our next conventions are the following, in order: Valhallacon (SC), Hoshicon, (NC), Metrocon (FL), and Tampa Bay Comicon (FL). As soon as I wrap up my next batch of commissions, I will be taking on another group of commissions so stay tuned to our FB page for updates!

5/13/2016: A lot has been going on behind the scenes here at paprikaSTUDIOS!  Our online store is now open and we are slowly but steadily adding more product/items to the store! So please be patient as we get around to taking pictures of our products. Secondly, we will start taking commissions at conventions! We have already open commissions online and it has been a great success! Our next conventions are XCon, Animazement and Momocon! 

A Message to Conventions

Thank you for taking the time to consider my portfolio/submission to participate in your convention's artist alley! I have provided two separate galleries for your review under the "GALLERY" tab: Completed Works and Upcoming Artwork. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you!

Tabitha Lu

Chibi Bombshell Wonder Woman!

Since it's the 75th year of Wonder Woman, I decided to do a chibi in her honor and chibify Bombshell Wonder Woman! I have been planning this for over a year and thanks to the anniversary, it gave me the perfect opportunity to implement me making a chibi of the Bombshell design!

Newest Sketch!

I decided to revisit my childhood after having a HUGE inspiration and draw chibis of the goddesses from Ah! My Goddess! And of course, I have to start with the best, Belldandy! There will be plenty of details to fall considering her design is very pattern oriented and I look forward to finishing these!