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paprikaSTUDIOS Blog Updates!

01/17/2019: So I've been doing a little revamping at this time. I have plans to completely rework the website soon and moving my store to my site. As for the mini-blog here, I rarely keep up with it anymore as I primarily use Tumblr for that now. You can find my tumblr updates blog at so be sure to follow for up-to-date information concerning conventions, products and more! 

This section will probably be converted to a convention schedule area soon for those looking through my website more than my social media outlets so pardon the dust for the upcoming remodel!

12/08/2017: We are starting to apply for 2018 conventions! We have two more conventions to close 2017 out and then we will be taking a small break for the holidays (minus the online store). We want to thank each and everyone of you for being supportive of us! Without you, we wouldn't be able to do this! Our Storenvy site is back online as well so if you'd like to make any purchases while we are not at conventions, please head over to the store! 

11/6/2016: Getting ready for NC Comicon this upcoming weekend, we managed to finish up a few new designs and do a reorder on the t-shirts. After NC Comicon, we'll be heading to Big Fandom Greenville and Yama-con and that will probably be the end of our 2016 conventions (unless something changes). We will be doing a Christmas special on the Storenvy site so keep an eye out for those!

A Message to Conventions

Thank you for taking the time to consider my portfolio/submission to participate in your convention's artist alley! I have provided two separate galleries for your review under the "GALLERY" tab: Completed Works and Upcoming Artwork. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you!

Tabitha Lu

Chibi Inuyasha!

After many years of it being requested, I finally drew Inuyasha! The influence
behind this was how Kagome would yell "Osuwari" which of course, throws
Inuyasha into the dirt. This would be my ideal reaction from him. I do have
plans to do a Sesshomaru in the very near future as well.

Newest Sketch!

I am wrapping up my chibis for the Steven Universe genre and drew all of the Diamonds. I am still on the fence about drawing Steven "unfused" as I already have a Stevonnie. Blue Diamond is actually my favorite of the Diamonds so I enjoyed doing my interpretation of her as a chibi.