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adorableness in bite size portions! <3


Upcoming Artwork Upcoming Artwork Chibi Mariposa Paprika 206251904 Chibi Daria 204685857 Chibi Jane 204685861 Chibi Lara Croft 204685859 Chibi Urd WIP 203248389 Chibi Skuld WIP 203248388 Chibi Summertime Paprika 204685862 Chibi Bayonetta WIP 202123407 Chibi Sakamoto WIP 202123406 Chibi Tifa WIP 197071216 Chibi Yuffie WIP 197071215 Chibi Mayu WIP 197071217 Chibi Kongo WIP 195524950 Chibi Snow Miku 2011 WIP 188495145 Chibi Snow Miku 2012 WIP 188495144 Chibi Mikasa and Potato Girl WIP 188231130 Chibi 2011 Racing Miku WIP 188231131 Chibi Slime WIP 188231117 Chibi Naga WIP 188231118 Chibi Mermaid WIP 188231119 Chibi Harpy WIP 188231116 Chibi Spider Girl WIP 188231120 Chibi Octomaid WIP 188231122 Chibi Plant Girl WIP 188231121 Chibi Akuma WIP 188231123 Chibi Succubus WIP 188231124 Chibi Devil Hunter Yohko WIP 188231128